Raise your spirits this Halloween

Halloween 2020 will look a bit different to what we are used to in past years but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have fun and celebrate as usual this season, in-fact it’s even more reason to ‘Raise Your Spirits’.
Falling on a Saturday makes this Halloween extra special and provides the perfect opportunity for a whole day of spook-tacular activities. We’ve got plenty of fun and creative ideas to really make the most of Halloween, even if it’s at home!
Spooky Sanitiser
Pumpkin Trail
Scavenger Hunt
Bingo Bonanza

Create your Spooky Sanitiser

Get creative just like Victor Frankenstein, by making your own monstrous Halloween sanitizer station! It’s so simple and takes very little time at all. Just follow our step by step guide below:

  1. Choose your colour, any colours will work, especially orange and green for Halloween colour schemes. For our examples, we’ve chosen green, blue and a clear gel to customise.
  2. Either use empty containers to fill with soap or sanitiser or purchase already filled containers from the shops. Before you start, make sure to the remove labels or covering wraps. For stubborn labels, you can always use rubbing alcohol removed any of that nasty sticky residue.
  3. Open up the containers and place your items inside – we’ve used Bristol Novelty’s creepy small spiders, glow in the dark eyeballs, zombie fingers and earthworms! Have a wooden skewer to hand in order to position the little plastic critters in the gel, you can also use the nozzle pump. Usually, most items will gradually settle depending on their weight, however, you can always turn the container upside-down or a good shake again to give them a helping hand.
  4. Position your Halloween sanitiser dispenser at each sink in your house, the front porch or the garden to be used by any trick or treaters. Alternatively, why not give one to a neighbour, family/friends or bring one to your child’s classroom.

This really does make for a fun and easy Halloween activity with the children as well as providing a very simple Halloween decoration, even for those who don’t want to go overboard with decorations this year.

Terrorific Pumpkin Trail

Halloween Pumpkin Trails will offer a safe alternative to Trick-or-Treating this year.

Over the past few months we have seen how incredible our community spirit is and that’s why we are fully behind the fantastic idea of creating a neighbourhood Pumpkin Trail. Get involved, get creative and get as many homes participating on your street as possible. Download one of our templates or draw your own from scratch to be proudly displayed in your front window.

To raise awareness post on local social groups and create your own flyers. The aim is to get as many kids and grown-ups working together on their displays by sharing picturesque Pumpkins in windows for others to spot as they pass by.

Why not spice it up with a bit of friendly competition by creating household teams (Ghoul Squads) and post on Facebook or Instagram how many Pumpkins your street proudly displayed.

We are also keen to see your efforts, share your Pumpkin Trail favourites or your own designs on our Instagram and Facebook feeds and we will be picking our favourites to win some special Rubie’s Halloween prizes.

Haunted Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Why should a hunt for treats be kept just for Easter? Set up a spooky scavenger hunt around the house to keep your little ghouls busy and ensuring they still get some sweet treats without the tricking. Keep it fun in full costume to really bring the Fright Fest experience to your home.

How to setup a Haunted Halloween Scavenger Hunt

The Bone-aphide Bingo Bonanza

Get families and friends together by hosting your own online virtual Halloween Bingo game!

Whether it’s for a Halloween class party or just for a fun activity at home, our free printable Halloween Bingo boards will provide a fa-boo-lous way to have fun indoors with the kids.

Bingo is also a really good way to introduce children to the concept of playing games due to its simple rules. It can be used to support the development of listening skills, self-regulation and visual discrimination – it’s both educational and enjoyable!

How to Play

  1. Download and print your Bingo Cards, we recommend 1x card per player and a few to be cut out for the Bingo Caller
  2. Select a Bingo Caller (who should be dressed in full costume at all times)
  3. Give each player a Halloween Bingo card
  4. The Bingo Caller needs a bowl or top hat of all the matching images, these are to be drawn out randomly when the game begins
  5. Next, place a bowl of either blank tokens or sweets to be used as bingo chips
  6. Listen to the bingo caller, then search for an image on your bingo mat and cover with a sweet or token if the image is found
  7. Finally, let the fun begin and make sure there is a big shout or scream of “BINGO!” by the winner!

Halloween Inspiration

This year, unlike any other it is a time for us to raise spirits and provide inspiration for making it one hell of a Halloween at home. Here are a few additional ideas to get the creative juices oozing…

Be Virtually Social This Halloween

Host a Halloween-themed costume quiz or dance party on Zoom or Skype with friends and family. Create your own spook-tacular playlist to get everyone in the mood to shake their boo-ty to some frightfully fierce tunes. You could even run separate competitions for the best-dressed attendees or perhaps a virtual dance-off.

You can also gather remotely for the Halloween prep by sharing the joy of decorating and pumpkin carving safely from your own homes.

Social Distancing Bicycle Parades

As a nation we have certainly embraced cycling more than ever and another trend we’re hearing all about is a Halloween Bicycle Parade. It’s a fantastic idea for costume wearers to not only take to the street as a mobile costume catwalk but also to have fun decorating their bikes to complete the look. We would certainly like to see Pennywise on a bike!

Candy Shoots

We love the inventiveness by this innovative dad from Cincinnati to distribute sweets at Halloween. Andrew Beattie invented a candy chute to make sure visitors to his home have contactless trick-or-treating. It’s simple but genius, Andrew simply repurposed and decorated an old Amazon delivery tube. According to Buzzfeed.com it only took him 20 minutes to create and attach to his front steps. If you have any spare tubing to hand, we strongly recommend you create your own Candy Tube and share it with the nation using #raiseyourspirits. Remember to either wear gloves or sanitise regularly when handling sweets.

Ghosting Candy Drop Off

If you’ve experienced the dating world you will hate the term ghosting but it can be a positive if used to spread anonymous cheer. Ghosting in this sense is the idea of dropping a Halloween goodie bag or pumpkin on the doorsteps of friends and loved ones as a contact-free way to celebrate. This usually works best after dark by sneaking your way up to your selected home, leaving the gift sweets on their doorstep (with a nice note of course), ringing the doorbell and then running away!

Decorate Face Masks

This is the quarantine-essential “2020” Halloween idea – decorating a face mask. Whether it’s a trip to the shops to buy sweets or you’re planning a Pumpkin Trail walk, we all need to make sure we wear our masks. Halloween gives us the perfect opportunity to be creative with a DIY PPE project for yourself or a family activity. Grab those coloured pens, make-up and fake blood to decorate either a cloth or surgical mask to match your costume… or make it the costume itself.

And Finally… Safety First

We want you all to make the most of a weekend Halloween but its key to keep safe while doing so. If you are planning on going out to Trick or Treat here are a few ways to take extra care when out and about:

Establish ground rules: The smaller the group the better, keep your creepy crew to one household only. Try not to mix with other groups keeping the social distance required in place. It’s going to be hard with younger children who are keen to get their hands on treats but ensuring gloves are worn as part of their costume will help to reduce the risk of digging around in candy bowls. While it’s particularly difficult to ask kids not to run around the street, creating a game or restrictions for them to stay as far away from people outside of your household will enable us all to continue to social distance, even outside.

Don’t share props, toys or bowls: Keep the weapons, wands and tiaras from being passed around if you can. Ask each of your children to hold onto their own candy bags.

Create Sweet Stations: For safety from contact with Trick or Treaters, allocate a portion of sweets into disposable cups and place them a safe distance from your house replacing and replenishing when required. You can also use fun ways to ensure social distances are kept using warning tape or signs as markers or barriers for everyone’s safety.

Bring hand sanitiser, and practice not touching your face: Frequent breaks to ensure their hands are sanitised will be key. It also allows for a break from the sometimes more restrictive masks and is always recommended. Make the way you sanitise hands fun, we have plenty of creative ways to decorate a sanitiser this Halloween online.

For more tips on how to have a safe Halloween please visit Halloween202.org and get your sanitised hands on some fangtastic community resource packs right here halloween2020.org/community-resources

Let’s all create a tremendous Halloween together after the very difficult year we’ve all faced. Join Rubie’s in raising your spirits for a safe and happy Halloween at Home.

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